Andre Rochais, Founder of PRH 1921-1990 France.

“The effect of PRH on me is that it has heightened my awareness of what influences me and my decisions, giving me an understanding of what gets ignited, triggered, squashed and most importantly what is life-giving. It has given me a language to communicate this with the people around me, thanks to PRH I am better able to navigate my thoughts, feelings and sensations, getting better at discerning and living a life of consolation.”  Ann.

“It feels like a very long journey we have all walked together, gathering every Saturday and I know I am going to miss this. It allowed me to have the courage to be me.”   Catherine.

“Tapping  on my goodness within  me, making me more aware of Someone in me and bigger than me; recognizing the same in others and the rest of creation, resulting in meaningful interconnectedness and union with the Creator” is the value of PRH in my life – Mkheseni.

Using the PRH tool helps me to become grounded and make things in my life fall into place and I go to bed happy – Mary

It has been a life changing experience – Marisa

PRH has helped me to heal my broken wing – Vusi

I want this for all staff members on the farm – Richard

PRH has helped me to come home to myself – Verena

Through PRH I have become a beautiful person – for myself, for others and for the one who created me – Dorothy

PRH has helped me to be true to myself. it has given me the freedom of expression – I am free to be myself, me, all that I can be – Arther

PRH gives meaning to my searchings, directions to my journey’s purpose – Jill