Mission of PRH

Our mission is to reach as many people as possible so that they may enrich the world through their specific contribution.

We offer training for individuals, couples, professional groups and others.
This training is:
− inspired by a positive and dynamic picture of the person, their growth and their relationships;
− based on 50 years of research on all dimensions of the human being;
− truly personal, because it comes from understanding their lived experience through exploring felt sensations.

Our vision

There is a universal dimension within the human being that goes beyond all cultures and belief systems.
−Each person has a life force that propels them to become themselves and live their potential
−Each person helps their natural process of personality development, by reflecting on their experiences
−Each person has a place and role to play in society, based on their unique potential
−Discovering and living our personal mission brings contentedness
−Finding meaning in our life is possible, despite ordeals
−Understanding each other, and respecting differences, lead to a genuine connection with others and to a better way of living together
−The experience of true freedom and equality amongst human beings is achievable
−Engaging with others in constructive activities enhances the person’s development, their effectiveness and innovation for society

Our values

These are values that PRH educators and volunteers choose to live and bring to all their activities. These values guide their actions, decisions, and behaviour as they live out their mission with their clients.

Respect for the person, their freedom, autonomy, dignity, and uniqueness, is a priority for us.

Effectiveness in the manner we respond with positive influence on the person, freeing them up to live their resources.

Solidarity – by having a scale of fees that is fitting to each person; calling on our support networks to contribute to the training of those with limited financial means; and amongst the international educators we pool our educational activities.

Shared passion and professional service – Personal growth which leads to social transformation is our shared passion

Our ethics, teamwork, consistency in what we offer, and the ongoing training of our educators and volunteers define our professional services.