Getting Started

Workshops are set up with a specific theme. It is best to begin with one of the following entry level workshops:-

  • Who am I? – 30 hours
  • Living more Harmoniously
  • Exploring my inner world
  • Accelerating my growth

Thereafter, we recommend a number of workshops that build on one another. Chatting to an educator would help you to decide –

One-on-one personal accompaniment gives a person the chance to work on specific aspects of themselves, growth, healing and re-education of themselves within the environment of an encouraging and supportive relationship. Should this be your choice, you will find our contact details on this site.

Follow-up groups – After following a workshop you have the opportunity of joining a monthly follow-up accompaniment group. Many people find this a helful resource for ongoing work using the PRH approach in a stimulating, supportive and life-giving environment. It follows up on the workshop materials and is based on practical observation of your daily life.