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What is a PRH Workshop and how is it run ?

Workshops are the corner stone in the PRH approach of exploring and discovering oneself so as to grow. We use the PRH method of analysis of our personal experiences as the key.
A workshop is therefore more of an experience of working from a personal deeper level, rather than acquiring a set of facts.

A workshop takes 15-30 hours depending on the specific theme. The group is made up of a facilitating educator and usually not more than 12 participants. Some workshops are held at a venue where accommodation is offered and participants make use of the boarding facility, at a separate cost. Alternatively, they may come and go daily to the venue.

Participants may share their discoveries, which they have written down, with the group but this is optional. The facilitator offers insights and distributes written materials that help participants to understand and further explore themselves.

The day’s structure consists of work, shared meals, free time alone and an opportunity to meet the educator for individual help. These are the key elements of a workshop.

For workshops offered according to specific needs and requests contact one of the PRH Educators for information

info @ prh