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Getting Started

Now that you have clicked onto this web-page, stop for a moment and ask yourself “what has made me explore this website? "What motivated me to do so?" Intrigue, interest, a need to find a way to get “unstuck” while living in a certain environment; or a difficulty with a certain relationship in either family, work or another environment that is relevant to you?

You may have heard about PRH from a friend or read an article advertizing PRH….

Whatever the reason, you have landed on this site and we would like to take you through the way to getting started within the PRH environment?

You can approach PRH through two ways…

* by attending a workshop or

* by contacting a PRH educator for one-on-one personal accompaniment.


Workshops are set up with a specific theme. It is best to begin with one of the following entry level workshops:-

* Discovering the Core of my Identity – 15 hours
* Growing in Personal Solidity – 15 hours
* Who am I? – 30 hours

Thereafter, we recommend a number of workshops that build on one another. Chatting to an educator would help you to decide –

* Leading My Life

* Accelerating my Growth

* Exploring my Inner World

One-on-one personal accompaniment gives a person the chance to work on specific aspects of themselves, growth, healing and re-education of themselves within the environment of an encouraging and supportive relationship. Should this be your choice, you will find our contact details on this site.

Follow-up groups - After following a workshop you have the opportunity of joining a monthly follow-up accompaniment group. Many people find this an invaluable resource for ongoing work using the PRH approach in a stimulating, supportive and life-giving environment. It follows up on the workshop materials and is based on practical observation of your daily life.