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What is the cost of a PRH workshop?

The fee structure for PRH in South Africa takes into account the current fees for workshops given by other organisations, and also the actual income of the person who is requesting training.

We correlate our fees with those of other professional trainers in South Africa since PRH Educators are trained by the RH Organizaion, who earn their livelihood by facilitating workshops. They have personal experience of the method and all the means that PRH offers. Their personal and professional trining is ongoing and their contract with the PRH organization is reviewed and renewed every 3 years. At present there are about 200 educators across 5 continents.

At the same time, we choose to make PRH Education available to a maximum number of people through the use of a sliding scale of fees. It is a choice that is linked to our mission and to our deep values.

We ask you therefore to apply the scale of fees to your own situation, letting your deep conscience be your guide.  If you have a need for further clarification please contact the educator of the workshop.

Deposit: A non-refundable deposit of R200 is payable to the Educator when you register for the workshop

Scale of fees for PRH services

Workshops per day

Monthly income

per day

R0 - 7 000

Consult educator

R7000-15000 R 300.00
R15 000-25 000 R 550.00
R25 000-35 000 R 850.00
R35 000 -45 000 R 1 100.00
R45000+ R 1 400.00
Helping Relationship

Monthly income

per interview

R0 - 8000

Consult educator

R8 000-15 000 R 300.00
R15 000-25 000 R 500.00
R25 000-35 000 R 750.00
R35 000 -45 000 R 750.00
R45000+ R 750.00
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