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About PRH

PRH (Personality and Human Relations) is a non-profit educational organisation operating in over 40 different countries and on every continent.
PRH offers an experience of a more meaningful relationship both with yourself and with others, with the ability to manage your life more effectively.
PRH presents a positive expansive vision of humanity in line with current evolving trends. It includes the importance of healthy community at all levels where each of us can discover fulfilment in being truly and fully ourselves in relations with others for the greater good of all - whether this be in our family, workplace, neighbourhood, or beyond. 

If you choose to enrol for a PRH workshop, at the very least you will give yourself a break away from your daily stresses and, at the very best, it will have an impact on your experience and understanding of yourself, producing more confidence and a sense of contentedness.

Who is PRH for ?

It is for individuals, couples and groups who want to grow and live their lives and relationships more harmoniously. Join those all over the world (PRH International) who are using this integral method to affect their lives.

How long has it been around ?

It all began with one man, André Rochais, in France in 1970. He was inspired by a life-centred vision of humanity and believed in the unexplored potential of every human being. Through meticulous observation of his own experience and that of others, he devised a structured method of personal growth which is universally accessible.


What will I get from it ?

Discover how this unique, comprehensive and rewarding method, first developed forty years ago, can transform the way you see yourself and how you lead your life. Come away with motivation, strategies and tools to make concrete changes in areas that are important to you.