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Welcome to the home page of Personality and Human Relations (PRH) in South Africa




PRH offers a simple, yet far reaching method for deepening your awareness of your potential, goodness and strength, so as to experience a more meaningful relationship both with yourself and with others, and to manage your life more effectively. .


If you want to get to know yourself more, here is an invitation to explore this website and get to know the tools that PRH offers. Other people all round the globe have been using PRH for over 30 years.


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Discovering the Core of My Identity
Growing in Personal Solidity
Accelerating My Growth
Living More Harmoniously
Listening to the Messages from my Body
Making Good Decisions
Exploring My Inner World
Seeking God
Finding Fulfilment in My Work
Clarifying My Relationships
Freeing Life in Me
My Relational Life Today
Growing as a couple
Loving and Being Loved